FoodMart88 will change the way people cook and eat.

Our mission is to transform the daily lives of our customers through food. We bring the flavours of their ancestors closer to home, and encourage them to try something new in the kitchen.

Bringing the world to our customers’ doorsteps

Our revolutionary platform lets customers browse virtual shelves in our digital store. They can buy their favourite international items and have them delivered to their home at a convenient time. We bridge the gap between global cuisines and customers by digitising the entire shopping experience on one platform.

Why partner with FoodMart88

Access to more customers

Our online platform bridges the gap between the customer and your products. As makes it easier to reach your target audience. Your products are more effectively marketed to more people, allowing you to acquire and keep new customers.

Increase sales

As more of your target audience can access your international groceries and food, they’re more likely to become customers. More customers mean more sales, and improved profit.

Use our integrated delivery

FoodMart88 takes care of every operation, -including the delivery.- All you have to worry about is managing your inventory as your sales increase.

Take advantage of our inventory data system

Our platform combines cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence to bring your inventory onto our digital shelves. Manage your online stock levels and specials directly from our platform.

Make the most of our partnership

As a partner store, you’ll be able to list your inventory online, enabling all of your customers to easily order your products and have them delivered. 

Benefit from our modern marketing

On our platform, we’ll present your products in recipes, seasonal promotions and other innovative marketing techniques that are beyond the resources and expertise of a store. This will promote your products and push your sales, helping you to improve your profitability. 

How it works

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Both customers and businesses must register with FoodMart88 before they shop and sell on our platform. This helps our team connect your products with customers. It also makes it much easier for your products to be uploaded onto our virtual shelves.

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After customers register, they can browse our virtual shelves, which are stocked with products from your store. Customers can explore products based on cuisine, discover them via linked recipes on our platform, or search for a specific product. If your store is in the customer’s delivery area, your product will appear with the option for the customer to add it to their cart.

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You don’t need to worry about setting up a payment system. FoodMart88 takes care of that for you. Once a customer has finished shopping, they will select their delivery time slot and electronically pay via our platform. Funds are settled and transferred to your business account.

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As a partner of Foodmart88, you’ll have access to our network of delivery drivers. When a customer places an order, our delivery drivers will pick up the goods and deliver them. This is handled by our Foodmart88 delivery team. All you have to do is prepare the customer’s goods for pick-up.

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How can your business partner with FoodMart88?

Express your interest

Let us know you’re interested in partnering with us! Tell us a bit about you and your business. Our team will reach out and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a partner.

Our team will reach out

If we think your business is the right partner for Foodmart88, we’ll start the set-up process. Part of that includes taking high quality photos of your products to upload onto our virtual shelves. 

Upload your products

Once we have photographs of your products, they will be uploaded onto our platform along with product details and tags. Tags make it easier for customers to find your products among the thousands of items on Foodmart88.

Access customers

Once your product photos are uploaded, customers can buy them. As a partner store, all you have to do is prepare a customer’s goods for pick-up – we take care of the rest.

Become a partner

Ready to boost your sales with Foodmart88? Let us know you’re interested!

Refer a business

If you think of a store that would be right for Foodmart88, then let us know!

We’re always looking to partner with new stores to better serve our customers.

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